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You can stream the classy CW network on your Hulu’s live streaming service

All the lovers of CW network can now access the classy network on the Hulu’s live streaming service. Catch all your favorites on your live streaming service.

All Hulu users, how is it going with your Hulu streaming service? With the fascinating lineup of features and content library, the streaming service has become the most preferred choice of all the global users. And with the classy live streaming service, the company is capturing the attention of many new ones around the world.

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In the course of growing the appeal of live streaming service, Hulu just declared the latest agreement with the CW Network, a joint venture of Warner Bros and CBS, which will permit the Hulu to render the entertaining network to all the new streamers of the live streaming service. The deal is very crucial for Hulu, as it got the agreements with all the five major U.S. broadcasters, having placed the deals with the NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX.

The company has officially rolled out the live streaming service in the May month, after declaring the closure deal with the NBCU- the last network which the company wishes to have it in the list before launching. In the current scenario, the service is competing with the big names like PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, Dish’s Sling TV, DirecTV NOW, Sony, and many niche services like fuboTV.  Looking at the availability of the options, there was a requirement to offer competitive as well as a compatible lineup of all the channels and features.

Besides being one of the major broadcasters of U.S, the CW is very important as it grabs the attention of a major percentage of a youthful audience of young adults and teens.  This also signifies that all the live TV users will get the bunch of hit shows like Supernatural, Riverdale, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Arrow, and The Flash on the live TV service. According to Hulu, all the shows of the network will get available to watch in the few upcoming months. Apart from this, Hulu has already signed the same deals with ESPN, Disney, and different channels like Food Network and HGTV.

The large percentage of millennial also are interested in streaming over the cable option and has already adopted the YouTube TV service to come up with the third place regarding paying the content to the users in their demographic area. In a new study from the Morning consult firm, YouTube TV has come to the third place, leaving behind the Amazon and Netflix.

YouTube has been offering the CW since its launch along with the other big broadcasters. So, it is just worth mentioning that these live TV services are playing a crucial in changing the interest and trend of the market. Meanwhile, Hulu has come up with the three big names, but these are not available in all the markets as Hulu is still trying to get into many deals to expand its demographic size.

According to Hulu, the CW network will get arrived for all the Beta subscribers. In the initial phase, it is expected to arrive in the selected markets with the other affiliates joining afterward. Until this time, you can get the Hulu live TV service on your Android, Amazon Fire TV, iOS, Xbox One, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Chromecast, and other devices.

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