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How to solve streaming issues from

Users might face video streaming issues while they are trying to stream the content directly from using any of the supported browsers. So to avoid the inconvenience today, we will discuss the solution to this problem.

While streaming the content from users may come across certain video playback issues like the streaming video might be intermittent, slow buffering, discolored video content, video playing with scratched lines around it, etc. All these problems might be due to the slow or intermittent internet network. So just go through the following procedure to improve the streaming speed and quality of Hulu content from

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  1. First of all, make sure that the browser you are using for streaming is up to date with the latest one. You can also to try to reopen the browser by closing and opening it again for viewing the Hulu content. It might resolve the issue.
  2. Always try to stream the Hulu content using a broadband internet connection and if you still suffer from slow or intermittent streaming issues, then run a speed test for your internet connection. You should visit for running a speed test to get the accurate speed test results. After you receive a result for speed test, compare that speed with the minimum speed required for a smooth Hulu streaming. In case you find it to be less than the minimum required speed, then you should try to improve the speed of your internet network to be able to stream the Hulu content. You can hard reset your modem and router by plugging out the main power wire and then putting it back to place after 20-30 seconds. It might improve the speed of your internet else you can contact your Internet service provider for increasing the bandwidth of your Network. You can also try to stop the other applications that are running parallel on your computer and are using the same internet connection. It might reduce the sharing of Internet speed.
  3. If you are suffering from a choppy video streaming quality then try the following help steps:
  • Bring the playing content to a Pause and let the buffering to complete the downloading of content. Bow try to stream the video after the buffer has reached to full. It might solve the issue but if the problem is still not fixed then try to restart the computer.
  • Try to lower down the settings for the type of video quality. Reducing the quality of streaming content might improve the processing speed of your computer and will also consume fewer MB’s of your internet data. You can do this setting either from the setting menu or by dragging over the gear like icon present at the lower right side of your video player.
  • Disable the configuration for “Hardware acceleration” of your flash player. Right-click on the icon for video player and choose the option for “Settings.” Tap on the option labeled as “Display” and click on the checkbox in front of the option to “Enable Hardware Acceleration” to uncheck the box.
  1. If you are experiencing a black screen on your video player window, then you should delete the browsing history and cache data of your browser. Disable the hardware acceleration for your Flash player. Delete all the cached data of your flash player. Ensure the video card drivers are updated with the most recent versions.

Going through all the above steps might resolve the issue and thus allow you to stream the content from smoothly. Also, feel free to get Hulu support if you have more problems related to Hulu.

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