How to get the Hulu streaming service on Kodi?


Apart from installing the Hulu streaming service on your device, you can also head to install the service on the Kodi, media player. Check out the way to install it.

Hulu is one of the classic streaming services in the market. With the bunch of amazing original TV shows and movies, Hulu has become the top choice for all its worldwide users. But, all the XBMC users don’t get the chance to witness the streaming service. This is the reason we have come up with the solution to install and integrate Hulu to your XBMC. Before heading to the further steps, if you are a new user in the list of users, then don’t forget to head to activate for easily getting the proper steps to activate the service on your device.

Requirements for the process-

You will need the following things-

  • A current copy of the XBMC (v. 110 or above)
  • An account of Hulu plus account or Amazon Prime for accessing the premium material.
  • A copy of the Bluecop XBMC Media Repository Add-On

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If you wish, you can follow the steps along with the tutorial to get the access to the free Hulu content without any hassle. For the premium Hulu account, you will require having a Hulu account.

Head to install the Bluecop Repository

For having the Hulu to our XBMC installation, the most important need is the Bluecop Add-on repository. To install the Bluecop repository, you are required to know the way to install the third-party repositories for XBMC.

  • Firstly, head on to download the Bluecop ZIP file and then place the ZIP file at a location where the XBMC installation can view it.
  • After that, head to System- Add-ons- Install from zip file. Now, just head on to and choose the Bluecop ZIP file and then tap OK.
  • Just wait for some moments, then head to System- Add-ons- Get Add-ons. You will get the Bluecop Repository in the sub-menu. We can get all the necessary add-ons in the Bluecop Repository. You just need to go ahead and choose it now.

Installing the Hulu add-on

Firstly, we will kick start with the Hulu add-on, as it doesn’t require any premium subscription to access the quality of the content. In the Bluecop repository, just head to choose Hulu. You will get the description menu that includes the useful information regarding the add-on and the menu options to install and configure. For this, firstly head on to install the add-on, it will require few minutes to complete. You will get a pop-up notification when it gets completed. At this point, you are free to go to the main XBMC menu to begin watching the Hulu content or if you are a fine member of Hulu plus, then just enter the login credentials. It’s easy to do by choosing the Configuration menu option in the description page of Hulu.

Now, we can head to Hulu. Just head to exit the main XBMC screen and then go to Videos.  Under the Videos, head to choose Add-ons. You will get the Hulu as the most useful add-ons. For the first time, you will receive a message showing that the software is free to use and if you head to pay for it, you will get cheated.

In the first menu, you will witness that Hulu permits you to choose from the latest added shows, movies, TV, and popular originals. In the Hulu’s offering, as we don’t have a premium Hulu account, we will witness the content available to all the Hulu users.  If you manage to get the success in streaming the Hulu streaming service, then it will be great to have fascinating entertainment, and if not, then head to the professional’s team for better assistance and guidance.


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